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#3 Key To Solving Math Word Problems Is Applying a Plan

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We’ve covered a lot in this series on How To Solve Math Word Problems.

How to Solve Math Word Problems Is A Lot Like Solving Everyday Problems

#1 Key To Solving Math Word Problems Is Understanding the Problem

#2 Key To Solving Math Word Problems Is Creating a Plan to Understand the Problem

Next we cover how to apply the plan you’ve created.

Flexibility Is Key To Solving Math Word Problems

Flexibility means allowing for mistakes and/or errors.

Let’s face it, mistakes happen.

We’re going to make errors sometimes. We got to allow that to be okay.

Just figure out what the mistake and/or error, how it happened, learn from it, and try not to do it again.

Flexibility means you may have to experiment with different solution plans.

The first plan you try may not work. If this happens, no problem, just try another plan.

It might take several tries,but  just let that be okay. You’ll eventually find one that works.

Flexibility means working with others on applying a plan for solving the math problem.

Sometimes other folks who have a different perspective can help.

Plus, working with others can be fun.

Flexibility means being sure to check your answers.

Always double check that you arrived at the right answer to the math problem by checking with the answer key.

Also, if possible, check the solution plan the answer. If it is similar to the one you used – great! If not, that’s okay, too, because there are often several ways to solve a problem.

Read over the solution plan and see if you can learn anything. Perhaps the solution plan provided in the answer key can give you a new idea on how to solve the next math problem you tackle.

Here are steps to consider when applying your plan for solving math problems.

  • Be flexible when applying your plan.
  • Be sure to double check each step.
  • If the plan is not working after a few attempts, try a different plan.
  • Allow for mistakes (remember, the plan may need some revision).
  • Check your answer.

Now, you might think you’re done.

Actually, there’s one more step.

Next Step ..

Be sure to check out the articles in this series.

New mini-courses in math will be available in September, just in time for back to school.


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Next Steps …

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