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How to Start Reading Regularly Even If You Hate It


If you do read, great!

If you don’t, start!

Good readers tend to do well in life. Period

Ideally, it’d be great for you to be reading everyday for an hour or more.

Don’t worry, you can work up to this or near it.

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#1 Key To Solving Math Word Problems Is Understanding the Problem

Just fly+650x433+VIKTOR HANACEKpicjumboIt may seem obvious, but it seems we often skip it.

To solve anything, we’ve got to figure out what’s wrong.

In other words, what’s the problem?

This is especially true for solving math word problems.

The first step in solving any problem, including math word problems, is understanding the problem.

As simple as this sounds, this step is often the most overlooked step.

To find a solution, you’ve got to know what you’re trying to solve.

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3 Writing Mindsets You Need To Have


Where folks often go wrong with writing is thinking it’s merely a technique they apply. They can do it anywhere. Anytime. And, it’s pretty much the same for whatever you write for school. That’s not the way it is. Writing is a lot more than merely going through the motions or following rules. Here are […]

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How To Solve Math Word Problems Is A Lot Like Solving Everyday Problems

Just fly+650x433+VIKTOR HANACEKpicjumbo

Everyday we do this… solve problems. Where did I put my car keys? How do I get this package opened? I need to remember to pick up the kids. Many problems. And we find ways to solve them. The same strategies we use in our everyday lives can be used to figure out how to […]

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Announcing! Updates This Week!


Have you heard?? The GED has changed!   The good news is …   We’re changing, too. Updates are coming to The Cougar Academy as we revise our information for the New GED. It’s a win for you! Starting this week, you can get up-to-date and useful articles, videos, and courses that will move you […]

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Memory Improvement Part 2 – Improving the Way You Think

GED Memory Improvement Part 2

Very few people would turn down a chance to improve the way they think, or a chance for memory improvement. When you have the ability to think more effectively and remember stuff, You make better decisions. You become a much more efficient thinker. You learn new things faster and easier. You achieve the potential that […]

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Avoid This Grammar Goof On the GED Writing Test

Oops on GED Writing Test

When are titles such as doctor, senator, president, uncle, or grandmother capitalized? Always? Sometimes? If so, when? This mini tutorial will answer these questions as you prepare to pass your GED Writing Test.

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Memory Improvement – Part 1: Your Brain and It’s Untapped Potential


Have you ever wondered about the untapped potential of your brain?  How about utilizing memory improvement techniques? On average, humans only use about 3% of the power potential of their brains. Yup, only 3%. That means there’s a lot of potential still left to tap. This 3% represents the messages that our conscious mind receives […]

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The Key To Passing the GED Test

If you do read, great! If you don’t, start! Good readers tend to do well in passing the GED Test. Ideally, we’d like you to be reading everyday for an hour or more. Don’t worry, we can work up to this or near it. And, you don’t have to do your daily reading all at […]

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How To Pass the GED Writing Test: Video 3 – Essay Outline Explained

The key to passing the GED writing test is knowing the essay outline required for the GED writing test. That’s the standard five paragraph essay. Remember that from way back in school? If not, I explain it for you in this video. No, you don’t remember … no worries, because I’ve got you covered. Essay […]

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